We now offer our established pupils the chance to lease a school horse for an hour, a day, a weekend,a week, a month or on a permanent lease. This is the perfect opportunity to either practise what you learn in your lessons,or to form a bond with a particular horse, or to see if you are ready to have your own horse! All leased school horses will be fully maintained here at Tathren Stud; and pupils will have the chance to use all our wonderful facilities including the arena, round yard and on site trails. All leased horses will the have the use of a saddle, bridle,saddle cloths, gel pads, halter,grooming equipment, lead,fly mask and rugs for the season. Prices start at $60 for an hour casual lease; up to $250 per week for a permanent lease. Conditions apply.See Catherine for a regular monthly lease list so as to see which horses/ponies are available for lease, depending on their riding school commitments.

We here at Tathren Stud realise how difficult it is to find a sound, sane and suitable horse out on the open market. It can take many months, vet checks, time and money to find that suitable horse. We have taken the heartache out of that search by allowing established pupils the chance to lease a Tathren horse for as long as you like. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE YOUR LEASED HORSE WITH THE RIDING SCHOOL OR OTHER PUPILS. We know how upsetting it can be to see “your” horse being ridden by someone else or used in lessons. We like our pupils to establish a strong bond with “their” leased horse...and enjoy them for many years.

 Please inquire as to our current horses that are for lease.

Tathren Enticing Melody (Sabrina)
Sabrina is a 2003 Anglo Arabian mare(50% Arabian/50% thoroughbred.) She is measured at 14.3 and a half. She is a lovely chestnut with a blaze and a sock. She has been successfully shown by both adult and child pupils of Tathren Stud and riding school at local, state and national level. She is equally at home schooling on the arena, doing jumps, doing Pony club, going out on trails or to a show.We offer this outstanding mare for lease here at Tathren Stud, and perhaps for sale in the future....but we are happy to have her leased out here forever. Sabrina is exactly what we aim to breed here at Tathren Stud and we would love one of our pupils to have the chance to be associated with a horse of this calibre.She comes with her rugs, the use of a school saddle, her work bridle, gel pad etc. Her weekly lease fee($175) includes show preparation agistment here at Tathren Stud.Email Catherine for a lease contract.